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Away With The Bad
Glenmore Brown
Rock To Sleep
Horace Andy
Wicked Babylon
Mike Brooks
Rude Boy
Lloyd Hemmings
Jack Slick
Junior Murvin
Junior Murvin
Hell And Sorrow
Hortense Ellis
Mirror Mirror
Leroy Smart
Tina May
Vin Gordon
Wherever I Lay My Hat
Delano Stewart
Live Right
Johnny Osbourne
Love You Tonight
Johnny Osbourne
Mighty Rudo
Read A Chapter
Prince Far I
Prison Discipline
Prince Far I
Jamaican Heroes
Prince far I
Golden Throne
Prince Far I
Kingdom Of God
Prince Far i
Head Of The Buccaneer
Prince Far I
Hold The Fort
Prince Far I
Light Of Fire
Prince Far I
Higher Field Marshall
Peter Broggs
The Ungodly
George Calstock
No One Can Tell I About Jah
Rod Taylor
Ride On Natty
The Righteous Flame
Sit Down And Reason
Mighty Threes
My Satisfaction
The Paragons
Hold Them
Roy Shirley
Wish It Would Last
Delano Stewart
Alton's Official Daughter
Alton Ellis
Lead Us Father
The African Brothers
Hold Tight
The African Brothers
The Greatest Love
Johnny Clarke
Holy Children
Johnny Clarke
Peace And Love In The Ghetto
Johnny Clarke
Youths Of Today
Horace Andy
None A Jah Jah Children
Ras Michael
Love And Unity (3)
Hotter The Battle
The Conscious Minds
Nobody But You Babe
(Clarence Reid)
Check It Out
Ricky Grant
Stick By Me
John Holt
Bob Marley
Blood & Fire
Always Together
Mr Fix It
Winston Francis
Meet Me At The Corner
Dennis Brown
King Of Babylon
Junior Byles
Hello Studio One
Jackie Mittoo
Too Late
Freddy McGregor
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